Our Mission & Vision


Maryvale Church

An Urban Ministry Celebrating Freedom in Christ

    Making Disciples of Jesus Christ
    Promoting Community - Nurturing, welcoming church family
    Partnering to nurture a flourishing and thriving Maryvale

The Church is the agency called by God to set the prisoner free and surround them with a church family and walk alongside them till they are transformed into healthy individuals who partner with others in restoring the city. Guilt, shame and rejection can be replaced by a deep assurance of God’s love and forgiveness. Fears are transformed to courageous faith; anxiety to peace; depression to joy; anger to patience; bitterness to forgiveness; complacency to passion; hopelessness to zeal; addictions to freedom and growth; insecurity to fruitful service in the church and community.

Our Vision is to advance Maryvale – to restore health to Maryvale by the spiritual transformation of individuals who are embraced and nurtured in a loving church family community who then partner with private, government, and social agencies to elevate our neighbors and neighborhoods damaged by societal wrongdoing. We want our neighbors to flourish through a revival of the quality of life that begins now and lasts for eternity. This revival will be characterized by true prosperity that comes from personal responsibility, self-fulfillment, meaning, optimism, and the freedom to unleash their creative talents for the flourishing of life.

We Believe

    it is God’s will that all are saved and grow to freedom as disciples of Christ
    our task is to teach others to obey everything that Christ taught
    the environment of a nurturing Christian family community help free people to thrive
    transformed individuals heal their families and community