Who We Are


Celebrating our Freedom in Christ

Freedom is something to get excited about and celebrate! Amid a backdrop of brokenness and heartache – to be set free from past hurts, hang-ups and habits is exhilarating!! Christ Jesus sets the captive free so that we can walk in freedom to fulfill our God-given potential and grow to love more perfectly - love for God and neighbor. Jesus came to preach deliverance to the captives and it is for freedom that Christ has us free.

Connecting in Christian Community

Maryvale is an environment of a loving safe church family where people experience belonging, acceptance and freedom! Through the powerful dynamic of a true Christian Community we are engaged in the transformation of individuals, families, and all of Maryvale.

Making Disciples of Christ

We make disciples through the Pathway of Discipleship. Teaching the whole Truth – everything that God commanded – guides the believer along a “pathway” or “structured plan” and nurtures the believer to attain their God intended potential. Faithful participation in this pathway brings transformation of individuals, families and neighborhoods.

Partnering in Serving the City

God cares for all aspects of life. Bringing health to the spiritual life as well as enhancing the standard of living for all members of society is part of the call to “love our neighbor as ourselves”. We foresee people set free to use their gifts and talents to “rebuild the ruined cities and restore places long devastated” by crime, addiction, and dysfunction. We envision a transformed Maryvale community flourishing and thriving; vibrant with healthy families and pulsating with strong businesses, schools, and groups.