Angel Tree


Bless the kids in the community whose parents are incarcerated – bless a whole family

Maryvale Church has a vital interest to help kids and parents to connect. Angel Tree helps us to enable incarcerated parents to give their kids a tangible gift that reminds them that their parents have not forgotten them. Each Christmas we host a party for these special kids and their families. This year (2014) we want to help 75 children. We invite you to be a part of this important ministry. Together we can seek to break the chain of destruction and crime by showing the kids that they have great value to God and to us.

<p?do>Contact us about involvement in Angel Tree Christmas and we will help you re-connect hurting families and share the Good News of Jesus Christ - the ultimate Christmas gift - with inmates' children who live right in the Maryvale area.

Your simple gift of love will give joy to families who might otherwise have little to celebrate, and help the church to live out the true meaning of Christmas.

Don't let a lonely child be forgotten this Christmas. Through Angel Tree, you can help change a child's life by giving them a Christmas they will never forget.

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