Welcome to VALE Kids

where we provide ministry that is specifically designed to meet the needs of our Infant - 2nd grade children and their families.

Today’s Kids Need Our Help

“70% of today’s youth are leaving the church.” LifeWay Research

“By the age of nine, most of the moral and spiritual foundations of a child are in place.” George Barna

“Nearly half of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their savior do so before reaching the age of 13.” Barna Research

“Children who attend church and learn the Bible when they are young stand a much better chance of having a relationship with God as adults.” Christian News

The culture we live in is greatly influencing our children’s moral behavior and development – the vast majority of Christian kids today have no spiritual foundation. Fun and games are fine, but as the research indicates, we’ve raised a generation of children who have missed out on essential Bible training. When the world comes calling, many are falling prey to dubious activities and deceptive philosophies – and they are walking away from their faith.

Our Mission

Connecting families to the Gospel of Jesus Christ — Equipping kids to KNOW God intimately, LOVE Him passionately, and SERVE Him selflessly.


Christ commissioned the Church with the task to -“make disciples.” Discipleship is the most pivotal ministry that churches can provide. For this reason it makes sense to measure our Children’s Ministry in terms of discipleship. That’s the yardstick Jesus’ told us to use.

Throughout the Bible and Christian history, three traits have marked God’s people:

Growing disciples KNOW God intimately (mental, spiritual). They develop a reservoir of knowledge based on a Biblical worldview.
Growing disciples LOVE God passionately (emotional, relational, spiritual). They display “Christ-like” character in every area of life.
Growing disciples SERVE God selflessly (physical, relational, spiritual). They demonstrate faithful conduct that honors God and helps people.

Our Ministries


Sunday Mornings 10:30am-12pm, Nursery - 2nd grade.

Children will be nurtured while they learn what it means to worship our awesome God!

Christian Discipleship

Wednesday Nights 6:50-8pm

Reinforcing the principles of discipleship