Pentecost Sunday May 31

Happy and Glorious Pentecost Day – a day of celebration. Not only has Jesus risen from the dead, ascended to be our intercessor, he has also sent the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

Hello dear friends, as our officials slowly phase in the re-opening of the state, we also are moving in that direction.

This Sunday worship will be at 10:30 am in the gym. But there will not yet be child care nor Sunday School.

We have taken many steps to communicate a concern for safety: hand sanitizer and gloves available, seating with social distancing, no normal greeting time, an offering box at the entrance, etc.

However, each person needs to exercise their best judgment as to when to return to worship. For those with health issues or who are sick – for now stay home and participate in worship through Pastor Dans blog for this day.

Douglas Leslie