Sunday June 7

Hello dear friends – I trust you are doing well on this beautiful Trinity Sunday

Sunday June 7 we will have worship in the gym at 10:30 am – no children’s church yet


One thing that needs to be done before we can open the sanctuary is for the vandalism damage to be repaired.

The front glass door had a rock thrown through it. We are getting bids and talking to the insurance company.

Pray for the person who did the vandalism that they might find the peace of Christ.


I read the Governor’s report this week which says the cases of COVID 19 are still increasing in Arizona. So we want to continue safe practices and encourage all who are healthy and able to come to worship to stop at the hand sanitizer station in the court yard prior to entering the gym.

Also, we continue to hear new information and studies on the virus. I just read a new study suggesting a possible link between vitamin D deficiency  and increased susceptibility to seasonal respiratory illnesses. Further research is needed but a little sun is probably good for us. Don’t stay inside all the time. Work to keep your immune system healthy and strong.




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